There are a number of instructional strategies that can work wonders for modern digital learning programs but, unfortunately, they are not used by organizations as much as they should be. Retrieval-based learning is one such strategy. Retrieval-Learning works by assessing learning gaps in a learner’s memory and filling them with repeated exercises.

Repeated Assessments and Feedback

Just assessing knowledge and skills after the completion of a digital learning course isn’t enough. Retrieval-Learning schedules competence assessments and feedback at regular intervals. Doing this fosters metacognition, thus enhancing learning and long-term retention.

Real-World Scenarios

Context is very important in retrieval-based learning. Retrieval-Learning provides learners with real-world scenarios in the digital learning courses they consume, and they’ll be able to apply the learned skills or knowledge in an actual situation similar to the one in the scenario. Because the context is the same in both the scenario as well as an actual situation, it lets the learners retrieve the skills and/or knowledge, reconstruct them to suit the actual situation, and apply them to have the same effect. Retrieval-Learning uses the latest immersive learning technologies like simulations, interactive case-studies and AR/VR to create the effect of what we call INTERACTIVE REALITY.

Self-Checks And Reinforcement Exercises

Retrieval-based learning requires regular reinforcement. But just providing assessments or tasks at regular intervals is not enough. Learners need repeated recall to increase long-term retention of skills and knowledge, and that requires learning and learners to be self-directed.

Retrieval-Learning generates and proposes individualized progressive development paths based on the learner’s needs, work context and interest.

Social Learning & Redistribution of Knowledge

Retrival-Learning provides a social platform and virtual space where learners can discuss what they are learning with each other. Also, it encourages employees to talk about their digital learning program, their projects and initiatives and cross-share information as well as tap into each other’s skills and knowledge.

This fosters a dynamic learning culture, ensuring that knowledge and skills are retrieved, refreshed and even enhanced with every discussion and exchange. This also provides the organization with data to establish best practices, to ensure expertise is redistributed and shared and to provide help and guidlines with surgical precision in alignment with the business and learning needs.


Retrieval-Learning is our propietary development and knowledge management platform. It is a dynamic ecosystem to evolve learning in your organization. This learning ecosystem leverages neuroscience, learning communities and digital interactive gamified learning experiences to build your unique learning organization and knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

You can use existing content and tools or tap into our learning library. The platform can be branded and customized to reflect the uniqueness of your company, culture and learning needs.

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