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Driving disruptive business model transformation part 1: trends and disruptions
Part 2: Business Model Analytics
Part 3: Business Model Forensics
Part 4: Making decisions
Driving Disruptive Business Model Transformation
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Revisit all the elements of your strategic decision-making process: what analytical steps did you take? How did you decide on one strategy vs another? Did you take the economic viability of your strategy, risk management etc. into consideration? What are the expectations in terms of outcome, what do you want to accomplish with this strategy? What major milestones or KPIs will you use to see if your strategy is working? What is your WHY? What is your competitive advantage? What value are you creating?

– Fill out the decision sheet

Reflect on your learning journey as a team: how did you leverage each other’s insights, strengths, and perspectives? How were the team dynamic steps from module 1 to now? What brought you together, and what difficulties did you overcome?

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